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Stream Restoration

Photo: Swida amomum (Silky dogwood)

Mellow Marsh Farm propagates native plant material for stream restoration projects. We focus on native riparian plants, particularly the hard-to-find species not available from conventional nurseries.

Our plants are in a variety of container sizes (along with bare root and live stakes) that comply with regulatory specifications. Our staff has experience with stream restoration projects and we can provide advice, availability lists, or information on contract growing.

Box elder
Red maple
Yellow buckeye
Red buckeye
Painted buckeye
Downy service-berry
Eastern bluestar
Bushy beardgrass
Red chokeberry
Flowering dogwood
River birch
American beautyberry
Fringed sedge
Gray's sedge
Bladder sedge
Shallow sedge
Tussock sedge
American hornbeam
Pignut hickory
Shagbark hickory
Mockernut hickory
New Jersey tea
Eastern redbud
Atlantic white cedar
Slender woodoats
White turtlehead
Sweet pepper bush
Redtop panicgrass
American hazelnut
Blunt spikerush
Bottlebrush grass
Virginia wild rye
Purple lovegrass
Swamp doghobble
Strawberry bush
Coastal plain joe-pye weed
Trumpetweed/Joe-pye weed
American beech
Hydrangea quercifolia, Oakleaf hydrangea
Oakleaf hydrangea
Possum haw
American holly
Virginia sweetspire
Black walnut
Leathery rush
Eastern red cedar
Blazing star
Cardinal flower
Blue lobelia
Netted chain fern
Sweetbay magnolia
Red mulberry
Water tupelo
Swamp tupelo
Golden groundsel
Swamp bay, Red bay
Chickasaw plum
Black cherry
White oak
Swamp white oak
Southern red oak
Overcup oak
Swamp chestnut oak
Northern red oak
Shumard's oak
Smooth/Sweet azalea
White topped sedge
Swamp rose
Orange coneflower
Plymouth rose-gentian
Black willow
Silky willow
Lizard's tail
Seaside goldenrod
American bur reed
Silky dogwood
Swamp dogwood
Purpletop tridens
Eastern gamagrass
Winged elm
American elm
Highbush blueberry
Possum haw viburnum