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Rain Gardens

Photo: Rudbeckia fulgida (Orange coneflower)

A wide variety of native perennials and shrubs are well suited to the extreme wet and dry conditions of rain gardens. We have extensive experience propagating these species, and we know what works. Reach out and we can provide you with species lists based on our current availability.

Red buckeye
Painted buckeye
Eastern bluestar
Red chokeberry
Flowering dogwood
American beautyberry
Cherokee sedge
Fringed sedge
Gray's sedge
Bladder sedge
Shallow sedge
Tussock sedge
Eastern redbud
Sweet pepper bush
Lance-leaf coreopsis
Purple coneflower
Purple lovegrass
Marsh rattlesnakemaster
Swamp doghobble
Strawberry bush
Coastal plain joe-pye weed
Trumpetweed/Joe-pye weed
Indian blanket
Scarlet rose mallow
Marsh hibiscus/Rose mallow
Bushy St. Johnswort
Possum haw
Southern blue flag
Virginia sweetspire
Leathery rush
Coastal doghobble
Blazing star
Cardinal flower
Blue lobelia
Netted chain fern
Wild bergamot
Red mulberry
Golden groundsel
Prairie coneflower
Smooth/Sweet azalea
White topped sedge
Swamp rose
Orange coneflower
Black-eyed susan
Plymouth rose-gentian
Solidago rugosa, Wrinkleleaf goldenrod
Wrinkleleaf goldenrod
Seaside goldenrod
Stokes aster
American snowbell
Silky dogwood
Purpletop tridens
Blue vervain