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Stormwater Management

Mellow Marsh Farm has the largest selection of native stormwater pond plant species in NC. We focus on growing the species specified in State SDM/BMP Manuals.

Our pond plants come in a variety of container sizes that meet industry specifications and are easy to handle on-site. Send us your project plan sheets – we’ll provide customized availability and price lists.

Box elder
Bushy beardgrass
Swamp milkweed
Cherokee sedge
Fringed sedge
Gray's sedge
Bladder sedge
Shallow sedge
Tussock sedge
Slender woodoats
White turtlehead
Redtop panicgrass
Blunt spikerush
Marsh rattlesnakemaster
Coastal plain joe-pye weed
Trumpetweed/Joe-pye weed
Indian blanket
Scarlet rose mallow
Marsh hibiscus/Rose mallow
Bushy St. Johnswort
Possum haw
Southern blue flag
Virginia sweetspire
Leathery rush
Duck weed
Coastal doghobble
Blazing star
Cardinal flower
Blue lobelia
Sweetbay magnolia
MMF seed mixes
Wild bergamot
American lotus
American white waterlily
Water tupelo
Swamp tupelo
Golden groundsel
Pickerel weed
Swamp white oak
Overcup oak
Swamp chestnut oak
Prairie coneflower
White topped sedge
Swamp rose
Orange coneflower
Plymouth rose-gentian
Black willow
Silky willow
Lizard's tail
Common three square
Seaside goldenrod
American bur reed
Smooth cordgrass
Salt meadow hay
American snowbell
Purpletop tridens
Eastern gamagrass
American elm
Highbush blueberry
Blue vervain
Possum haw viburnum