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Nymphaea odorata

American white waterlily

Nymphaea odorata is a pond plant native throughout the southeast. It is a rooted aquatic plant, and grows in water three inches to three feet deep. It has floating round leaves that are green above and purple beneath. Showy white flowers with yellow stamens bloom in summer and attract pollinators. The floating leaves provide a resting place for flying insects, and shelter for pond life. Some small critters like to eat the rhizomes and fruits. Nymphaea odorata is an excellent specimen plant for any pond or deep water area.

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Nymphaea odorata - Bare Root - Herbaceous

American white waterlily

862 in stock

$7.7050+ $3.85ea

Plant type

  • Floating-leaf Aquatic

Mature Height

  • Up to 1'

Wetland Indicator Status

  • (OBL) Obligate wetland


  • Bird Supportive
  • Summer Bloomer
  • Butterfly and Pollinator Supportive

Planting Zone

  • Deep Pool
  • Shallow Water
  • Littoral Shelf
  • Vegetated Shelf

Classification by Use

  • Constructed Wetland
  • Erosion Control
  • SCM (Stormwater Control Measure)
  • Showy Native
  • Wetland Mitigation