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Lemna spp.

Duck weed

Lemna is a pond plant native throughout the southeast. It is a floating aquatic plant, and grows in shallow or deep water. It quickly multiplies and covers the surface of a pond. It has tiny circular green leaves that provide a food source for fish, turtles, and other aquatic animals. This plant also has good water treatment value. Lemna works well as a pond plant.

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Plant type

  • Floating-leaf Aquatic

Mature Height

Wetland Indicator Status

  • (OBL) Obligate wetland


  • Bird Supportive
  • Evergreen
  • Fast Growing / Vigorous
  • Shade Tolerant

Planting Zone

  • Deep Pool
  • Shallow Water

Classification by Use

  • Constructed Wetland
  • SCM (Stormwater Control Measure)
  • Wetland Mitigation