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All Containers

Bare Root (Herbaceous)

    • Grown in propagation tubs for root mass and top growth.
    • Pulled immediately previous to your installation date and held in our cooler.
    • Economical way to receive and establish large propagules on your project.

Propagation plug, 72 Cell

  • Direct seeded with multiple stems per cell.
  • Great for both installation and propagation.

Landscape plug, Deep Cell 50

  • Larger propagule for quick establishment.
  • Extensive root growth for hardiness on your site.

4-inch Pot, 18 tray

  • Large spreading plants for quick establishment and immediate “show.”
  • Excellent for sites with weed competition.
  • Any herbaceous plant we offer can be grown in a 4-inch pot during the growing season.

 Bare Root Seedlings

  • Dormant seedlings carefully pulled, washed, and dipped in our soil moist solution for root health.
  • An economical way to transport and establish large numbers on your site.
  • As propagators we add species to this category yearly.


  • A small forestry container combining the cost effectiveness and transportability of a bare root with the robust root system of a container grown propagule.
  • Trees and shrubs that retain their capillary root system are quicker to establish and can be planted year round with care.
  • An excellent choice as a pot up liner.

1 Gallon (Herbaceous)

  • Our largest herbaceous propagule.
  • Full-grown plants for quick establishment and impressive “show.”
  • Any herbaceous plant that we offer can be grown in a 1-gallon size during the growing season.

1 Gallon (Woody)

  • Large healthy trees and shrubs for quick establishment.
  • Excellent choice for replanting and on sites with weed competition.
  • Sizes and calipers available upon request.

3 Gallon

  • Large well-formed trees and shrubs.
  • Excellent for replanting or quick establishment.
  • Sizes and calipers are available upon request.

15 Gallon

    • Our largest woody container size.
    • Selected for form and robust health.
    • Sizes and calipers available upon request.