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Juglans nigra

Black walnut

Juglans nigra is a tall overstory tree native throughout the southeast. It is found in a wide array of conditions- from wet to dry soils, and sun to part shade. It prefers to be cultivated in full sun sites with rich, well-drained soils. It is known for its nuts, which are edible and very unique in odor. It is also sought after for timber. Besides human uses, this tree is a host for several moth species, and squirrels enjoy the nuts. Juglans nigra works well as a restoration tree, or as a street tree. It does produce tannins which inhibit the growth of other plants, so it is not recommended to plant in a garden setting.

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Plant type

  • Tree / Shrub

Mature Height

  • Over 30'

Wetland Indicator Status

  • (FAC) Facultative upland


  • Fast Growing / Vigorous

Planting Zone

  • Riparian Zone
  • Slope
  • Riparian Buffer
  • Bottomland Hardwood

Classification by Use

  • Erosion Control
  • Shade Tree
  • Stream Restoration
  • Street Tree